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Applique Film/Stencil Film (50pk)



50 pk of Applique film.

Applique film, also known as Stencil Film, Transfer Film and many other names, is used to easily transfer your art to the object you are going to engrave or carve. Unlike other films, the Applique Film we carry can be used in an inkjet printer, a laser printer, and a photo copy machine. It has a backing that can be pealed off, leaving your art on a film with a sticky back for easy attachment to the surface you are working on. Three easy steps:

  1. Photo copy or print your art/pattern onto the film
  2. Peal the back carrier off exposing the sticking backing
  3. Apply the film (sticky back down) onto the surface you are engraving or carving.
Once you have the artwork in place, you simply TRACE THE LINES WITH THE TOOL AND BIT OF YOUR CHOICE! This film is easy to use and saves a lot of time trying yo get your artwork/pattern ready for your project.

For your convenience, we offer (4) packaging types; 10 packs, 25 packs, 50 packs, and $ave the most in packs of 100. Happy Carving and Engraving.