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Basic Shofu Kit

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The Basic Kit is another good kit to get you started
into the wonderful world of High Speed Carving and Engraving.  Most of you have a shop all set up with electric tools.  the Air tools require a special set up in your shop and this kit includes all you need to be up and running within minutes.  the tool, regulator, & variable speed foot pedal are all connected for you, so you can just connect to your compressor and you are ready to connect to your compressor and you are ready to begin creating some very detailed art in eggs, glass, wood, metal, gourds to name just a few.

BELOW IS A FULL LISTING OF ALL THE GREAT SUPPLIES INCLUDED IN THE BASIC KIT: Note the great special on this kit, see full details below.

  • Introduction/Set Up video: Learn complete SET UP of your new equipment in this video + watch some actual carving and engraving in, Glass, Wood and Goose Egg, demonstrating how easy it is to create some beautiful, detailed art in almost any surface.  At the end of the introduction is the full SET UP; we take you step by step through the set up of your equipment when you receive your kit and how to maintain your equipment.  Good video to keep around for future reference.
  • Shofu Tool: The all metal Shofu Oil Free hand piece has two bearing air driven turbine.  It is designed to be used 8 hours a day 5 days a week.  All parts in the Shofu are replaceable or rebuildable.  the Shofu hand piece while quiet and powerful has a lightweight well balanced construction for maximum hand comfort. 90 DAY WARRANTY ON TOOL.
  • Pressure Regulator: Air filter/pressure regulator with moisture trap, to deliver clean, moisture free, pressure-controlled air to the turbine.  Regulates from 0 to 123 lbs. of pressure.  It takes a maximum of 150 psi on the inlet side.
  • Variable Speed Foot Pedal: This foot pedal is awesome for detailed carving. It allows you to vary the amount of air getting getting to the turbine so it will turn slow in very delicate areas or fast for normal carving/engraving. (Works like the gas pedal in your car.) You never have to look away from your work to adjust a regulator.
  • Applique Film:  A paper-like sheet that has a backing that can be pealed off, leaving a thin sheet of film that is sticky on the back.  You can photo copy or print your art onto the film, peal the back off and stick the front with the art onto the surface you are carving/engraving.  NOTE:  We carry an applique film designed for use in Ink Jet printers, Laser printers or Photo copy machines.  Basic kit includes (10) sheets.
  • Bits:  This Kit includes 10 bits, combination of 5 diamonds and 5 carbides.
  • Clip Art:  The art included in the kit is copyright free and is art that we have used over the years.  Includes 4 sheets of clip art.
  • Bit Cleaner:  This is an awesome tool for cleaning any and all bits.  You simply put the bit in the hand piece, run the hand piece at a slow speed and hold the bit against the brush.  It is by far the best tool I have found for cleaning bits.
  • Particulate Respirator:  We include the type of respirator that has the exhaust valve on it so you do not fog your glasses.  It is very important to wear some type of respirator when carving/engraving because the particles being created are very small and tend to float in the air.
  • Safety Glasses:  These safety glasses are very comfortable.  You should always wear eye protection when engraving/carving.
  • Owners Manual:  the owners manual has some instructions for carving/engraving, maintenance tips, bit identification, applique film instruction, and catalog.  In the catalog the bit listings include uses for each one. 
  • Regulator Stand:  Our stand is made of solid poplar with holes in the top to hold the bits you are using for our current project.  It has a moisture resistant finish.

As you begin using the High Sped air equipment there are a lot of new techniques you are learning.  Many people choose to take on of our classes to give them a jump start.  We realize that in these economic times, traveling to take a class is not a possibility.  So we started making some very in depth, classroom detailed training videos.  We have done very close up filming of Carl carving or engraving to ensure you see exactly what is being done.  these truly are classroom perfect & as you watch a certain technique being taught, you can replay it over and over until you feel confident to go to your workshop and crate a very beautiful piece of art. 

We currently have 6 completed videos, Wood, Goose Egg, Glass, Metals, Ostrich Egg, Wine Bottle relief carving.

When you purchase the Basic Kit, we add (2) of these training videos absolutely FREE to help you get started.  Each of these videos are one hour long and sell for $19.95 (other than the Ostrich Egg video which is 2 hours and sells for $25.00)  As you order this Basic Kit please let us know which of the 2 videos you think would most assist your getting started in the wonderful world of high speed carving and engraving.

If you visit our Video Library section, there is a brief YouTube of each of our videos that you can watch to assist in your decision.

We require 5 working days to get your kit fully built and ready for shipment  Thank You!

Happy Carving and Engraving everyone.

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