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Coyote Stencil Shop 3

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The software comes to you in a USB Drive.

The picture is of our granddaughter. I scanned the photo into Coyote, within 5 minutes i had a stencil I could use for engraving/carving. I believe the Coyote Stencil Shop 3 software by Carving Technologies is one of the best products that has come out in many years for wood workers who love to carve. It feels as if the software was developed with high speed carving/engraving tools in mind.

Coyote Stencil Shop 3 is an advanced, yet easy to use stenciling software package with features found in larger and more expensive software packages. The power of Coyote Stencil Shop 3 is that it allows you to quickly and easily turn your digital photos into high quality stencils for all your hobby or business needs.

Here is some of what it can do; smoother lines/edges of patterns, two different stencil makers, edit in preview mode, slide bar numbering, raster to vector conversion(DXF output), faster zoom, line tracing, more in-depth instructions, puzzle overlays of stencils, multiple page printouts of single pattern, import your own materials for preview.

System Requirements: Windows XP - 7; 1.5Ghz processor; 75mb free space.

Cannot ship out of United States