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Goose Egg Carving, The Daisy Egg



Click the above link for a brief preview of The Daisy Egg.

This is a great 1 hour long training video. This video has very close-up filming to ensure you see and learn each technique. You receive in depth instruction by master carver Carl Edmondson, as he teaches you how to carve daisies on a goose egg. Learn each step from start to finish. You will learn how to easily draw on the egg. Not a free hand artist, neither am I. Watch this video and you will simply amaze yourself. Learn what equipment and bits/burs to use, how to carve the egg, how to clean the egg, how to finish the egg, and best of all, how to display YOUR beautiful goose egg. Plus you will learn many tips and tricks along the way. Save $ on a class, learn how to carve a beautiful goose egg in the comfort of your own space.